iSedora 1.7.9 for Mac OS and Windows is Released

Apr 22, 2013

We fixed critical startup issue with April Java (2013-003) update. Gatekeeper on Lion and Mountain Lion will report this version is damaged. Please follow these steps to start the server. All existing customers are eligible for upgrade regardless of the license expiration date. This update requires…

Latest Java Update on Mac OS X

Apr 18, 2013

Mac OS X: Latest Java update released by Apple on April 16th breaks iSedora startup. The fix is under development and will be released on Monday 22th. The update will be available only for Mac OSX 10.7 and 10.8. All existing customers will be able to upgrade regardles of the license type and date…

How to Start iSedora on Mountain Lion with Gatekeeper Enabled

Nov 16, 2012

Mountain Lion and the latest updates to Lion have introduces a new security feature called Gatekeeper. When it is enabled it prevents starting unsigned application from third-party developers. While we are working on resolving this issue, please use the following steps to start iSedora. We…

iSedora 2 Development News

Sep 19, 2012

We've had some delays in release for iSedora 2 due to technical issues. Now we're back on track. The updated release plan will be announced after the first beta is out. The beta program will be open to everyone. All customers will get FREE upgrade to the second version regardless of the date of…

Maintenance Update for Mac

Apr 21, 2012

A maintenance update for Mac has been released fixing small permission issues. The version number is unchanged to allow all licensed users upgrade for free. Please make sure to download all latest Apple updates for Java and other system services.

Educational Feedback

Jan 08, 2012

I am the director of a boutique daycare and preschool in St. Louis, MO. I am constantly placing media on flash drives to funnel from one device to the next. iSedora is the first and only DLNA server that works, as billed, with OS X! Minutes after install, I was able to stream from my IMac,via…

Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2011

It was an amazing year. Customers from 51 countries all around the globe. But more important is the invaluable feedback we are getting from our users. Many thanks to all! Happy New Year to everybody! The second version of iSedora will be released in the first quarter of 2012. We will provide FREE…

iSedora 1 Year Anniversary: Grand 30% Sale and iSedora 2.0 Announce

Apr 29, 2011

One year ago, 1st May 2010, was opened to public and iSedora DLNA server official build v1.0.2 was published. 365 days afterwards the iSedora Team was focused on satisfying thousands of customers needs in streaming and playing their media collections on various DLNA devices. Dozens…

iSedora For Friends Sharing Discount Promo Announced

Mar 12, 2011

A unique sharing discount programme — iSedora For Friends — is just announced. We're not providing any more some global trade offs, that our customers loved since New Year sales, but we grant our current and upcoming users the right to choose themselves who can apply for a discount. Read the…

iSedora Meets its 10,000th Licensed User!

Feb 18, 2011

Early night of February 17, 2011 Server was a bit anxious and so displayed its pages much more accurately than ever — it was waiting the Him, who will press the bright buy button and let the Server thankfully write a shiny 10,000th record in iSedora customers' database. In spare…