iSedora Beta 2.0.4 Release

Jan 14, 2015

Minor update with following changes: Native video formats configuration Notification on Mac OS 10.8+ Option to hide folders

iSedora Beta 2.0.3 Release

Jan 12, 2015

Video streaming and transcoding. Please test and give us feedback.

iSedora Beta 2.0.2 Release

Dec 29, 2014

This is an important release with support for audio streaming and transcoding. High performance live transcoding engine is bundled for testing. Other features and fixes: Device configuration dialog Device export/import Transcoding preferences PDF upscaling fix on Mac Node.js runtime updated to…

iSedora Beta 2.0.1 Release

Nov 15, 2014

This release enables license registration for early purchases of beta version. Overall the license process is simplified with auto migration feature. No need to 'Unregister' before using license on another computer. Also, small fixes in iPhoto plugin and window focus on Mac OS.

iSedora 2 Beta 1 Release

Oct 25, 2014

We are starting open beta program with the first beta release of iSedora 2. Please download and test. First beta is suitable for photo and PDF streaming. Music and video will be available in beta 2 and 3. What's New Full support for RAW professional camera formats Gigapixel image streaming PDF…

iSedora 2 News: Unified Automatic Updates for Mac and Windows

Aug 04, 2014

We've implemented unified automatic updates on both platforms for the upcoming second version.

iSedora 2 News: OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard Support

Jun 13, 2014

We've managed to back port all code to fully support OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard for iSedora 2.

iSedora 2 News: Extra-Large Images

May 08, 2014

In addition to the wide variety of supported image formats, the new image transcoding backend supports extra large image handling. Please check an example with 30,000x29,560 pixels and 226 MB in size as shown in iSedora Inspector. Image backend in OSX is hardware accelerated with OpenCL. Windows…

iSedora 2 News: List of Supported Image Formats

May 05, 2014

Here is more or less final list of supported image formats for Mac and Windows. The most important new feature is support for all major RAW camera formats on both platforms. Mac OS X: Windows:

iSedora 1.7.9 for Mac OS and Windows is Released

Apr 22, 2013

We fixed critical startup issue with April Java (2013-003) update. Gatekeeper on Lion and Mountain Lion will report this version is damaged. Please follow these steps to start the server. All existing customers are eligible for upgrade regardless of the license expiration date. This update requires…