iSedora 3: Chapters Support

Feb 10, 2018

Several media formats have a notion of chapters which splits media into logical units. This feature is very handy for listening audio podcasts and books.

New Addition to Our Test Lab: Samsung BD-J7500 Blu-ray DLNA Player

Jan 20, 2018

We've just installed and begun testing DLNA compatible BD-J7500 Blu-ray player from Samsung. It is a very connection capable device, having built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi, two HDMI output ports, USB 2.0. Player is equipped with 7.1 sound, 3D and supports native playback for various A/V formats: AVI,…

iSedora 3: New Video Thumbnailer

Jan 12, 2018

iSedora 3 will feature all new intelligent video thumbnailer. To produced the best thumb picture, it scans 50 frames in a row, looking for best still frame. Also, the new thumbnailer employs advanced scaling formula, based on the video display aspect ratio, to properly adjust thumb width and height.

iSedora 3: Image / PDF Inspector

Jan 07, 2018

A couple of screenshots illustrating the work of the media inspector in iSedora 3. As usual, for the image sample we use our favorite JPEG file from the Google Art Project. It is extreme! File size is 226 MB, picture resolution is 30,000 by 29,560 pixels. PDF file inspection:

iSedora 3: The State of Development

Jan 04, 2018

First of all, happy New Year to all our users, partners and friends! We've always had tremendous feedback from all of you sharing new ideas on how to make iSedora even better. Thank you! The last year was great for the development of the new version. We moved fully native with server and user…

iSedora 3: Subtitles File Formats

Oct 10, 2017

Up-to-date list of supported subtitles file formats in iSedora 3:

iSedora 3: Redesigned Main Window

Oct 07, 2017

More or less final look of the main connections window:

iSedora 3: Logging and Monitoring

Oct 01, 2017

A couple of screenshots showing logging and monitoring facilities in iSedora Media Server 3. Server Monitor: Note: High CPU usage is due to server stress testing with millions of requests.

iSedora 3: Localization

Jun 14, 2017

We plan to ship the upcoming version of iSedora translated to: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian. The iSedora team does not have native speakers for all those languages. So, we've built a general purpose dictionary application for software related terms. The dictionary is…

iSedora 3: Auto-Start Options

May 29, 2017

Advanced iSedora 3 boot options have been implemented including starting at system boot without user login.